Lucy Hyland, The Way to Self Care. 
Photo Joleen Cronin

Your Self-Care (R)Evolution

How do we sustain our own wellbeing and hold space?

I know holding space for others commands deep levels of connection and presence. I support you in reconnecting with yourself, to replenish and restore. Our journey together explores new creative self care tools to ground you and your work, enabling you to reach beyond old paradigms.

The next Chapter:
Rooting creativity into your Self-Care

I have a deep admiration for Birch trees. As the ‘White Lady of the Forest’ she represents femininity, grace and protection and reminds me of the powerful women I live and work alongside.

Birch are the first and fastest forest growers and always group together in community. Her creativity is evident on her mark filled bark. Each year her stories peel away in paper thin strips to fall to the forest floor to be recycled. Working with our own natural cycles we allow our creativity to strip back the layers and replenish. From here we can inhabit the receptivity of our femininity, connecting to our hearts in grace to protect and nourish our sacred being.

Your Revolution 1:1

Sustaining your Self

Transforming the possibility of overwhelm and burnout to the potential of compassion and care. These individually crafted creative self-care sessions allow us to tune into the deeper rhythms of our lives, re-imagining our way forward. 

Community Evolution

Sharing our vision for self-care

My workshops bring together women who are passionate about their work, in search of a community to encourage and elevate them. Together we interweave our own self-care narratives to conceive with compassion the possibilities as we move towards the unimaginable new.

Open our Hearts

We live in a time of incredible change, being called to be a part of something completely unknown. 

How do we root ourselves in compassion and open our hearts to what lies ahead?

Lucy Hyland, The Way to Self Care. 
Photo Joleen Cronin

I always knew I had contribution to make. I could never have imagined how it would turn out…

10 years ago, I started on a creative journey that opened up new levels of self-awareness and self-love.

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Creative Self-Care Inspirations

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