Basics for bursting with Health

Although I may discuss different nutrients and good groups and how they relate our health, I will continually try to come back to creating a balanced way of eating for health. For me, health is becoming more about my relationship to myself and my relationship to my body, and nutrition provides an excellent foundation to allow me live as full a life as possible.

For that reason, I’ll go back, again and again, to the Harvard School of Nutrition ‘Healthy Eating Plate’, which I bring to every talk I do, and talk about with every client I meet. (Free download from here)

This talks about the importance of balanced meals throughout the day to sustain good health. Its a good place for anyone to start (and to continue!) on their journey towards health.

So, through my updates and blogs, recipes and tips, I’ll come back to the notion of balance, time and time again.

My programme allows us to rebuild your daily practice of self-care together.


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