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Reconnect to Self: Meditation Drawing for Creative Self-care

My meditation drawing classes are a great way to take time out, tune into yourself and start getting creative. Each 30 minutes video is designed with a short introduction, a 5 minute mediation and 15-20 minutes creative time. For this week’s session, I added a visualisation. This is a simple method often use in meditation

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Creative Art Therapy materials

How Creative Art Therapy Can Help

Creative art therapy as a self care tool  I interweave the creative exercises I gathered in my Art Therapy training as part of my online or in-person self care sessions and workshops. Working with the imaginative and creative realm allows us to explore new potentials in caring for yourself and others. We make, create, sculpt

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Using Eco Arts in Self Care

How Eco Arts Connects to Self Care Using the natural world as an ally for our work together allows us to re-connect to ourselves and and replenish our needs. I sometimes interweave eco arts practice into creative self-care sessions and workshops, using natural materials as a creative material to open up a deeper dialogue with

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Practicing Embodied Wisdom

What is embodied wisdom and why use it in self care? We ground in the senses of the body to root our experiences in the here and now, to tap into a less cognitive form of wisdom and to move forward from a place of honesty and integrity. Embodiment wisdom practises can be interwoven into

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The Power of Creativity in Self Care

Using Creative Art Exercises to Guide your Self Care Journey The creative process opens the door to unknown thoughts, feelings and intuitions that can guide and build your unique self-care. I often interweave creative exercises, mediations and visualisations into the workshops and sessions we do together. When my clients are given the time, space and

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Using Human Design Charts in Creative Self-Care Work

I may interweave your human design chart into my creative self-care sessions. Your Human Design chart shows us so much about how to love and accept ourselves as we are and allows us to design a way to self-care that is unique to you. The first time I saw a chart like this was about

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