Creative Self-care Individual Session

My self-care sessions are completely tailored to your needs and lasts 1 hour. These last few years have taken its toll on us all. How do we continue to care deeply for ourselves and this world of ours in the light of everything that has taken place. Where are you know? What do you need? How do you even know anymore? Let’s take some time to find out.

What to expect:

I’ll provide you with the space for need for you. Use your own creativity, whatever that means to you, to imagine a way forward that allows you to continue to care deeply for yourself and others. Creativity can mean doodling, painting, drawing, writing poetry or a song, using bits from your garden, or objects you found on the beach. Self-care and creativity are highly personal to you.

You and Me:

I am not the expert here. My sessions are designed so that you can get curious about what self-care looks and feels like for you. I include mediations, visualisations for the mind and simple breathing and sensing for the body.

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Some things to know before deciding:

We are using creativity as a therapeutic tool, this is not an art psychotherapy session.

You do not need to be able to draw, this is not an art class. There are plenty of objects you can use throughout the house and garden! Gather up pencils, markers, crayons, paints, pastels; Gather up paper, old magazines, newspapers, cardboard containers,; Gather up any household objects such as tinfoil, clingfilm, glue, scissors, wrapping paper, fabrics or gather up organic materials such as food, earth, plants, leaves, twigs, stones, or sand. The sky is the limit.

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