Creative Self-care Workshop for Wellbeing Week

Drawing from Nature Workshop: Embedding Self-care in your Day

I’m delighted to bing you this FREE self-care workshop as part of the Creativity and Wellness Week 2022. It’s always a valuable and nourishing event hosted by the London Arts in Health and the Culture, Health and Wellbeing Alliance.

This online creative self-care workshop is a gentle introduction into how we can embed self-care into our daily lives through nature. As an online event, you may bring cherished elements of the natural world into your private space or chose your garden or local park etc to sit in while the workshop is on. 

17th May 2-3.30am


Simply Click ‘Add to Basket’ to sign up. Places are limited.


This ONLINE creative self-care workshop is a gentle introduction into how we can embed self-care into our daily lives through nature.

We will bring aspects of the natural world into our session and connect on a deeper level with nature for our own self-awareness . Bring all some of your favourite art materials or simply make up some materials from what you have around the house: old magazines or newspapers for collage, stained tea or coffee water as paint, highlighters or markers for colour. We use mediative creative exercises and visualisations throughout the session, opening up a dialogue about how we might anchor more self-care in our lives.

Let’s explore how to resource and replenish ourselves through our interactions with nature and see what messages and inspirations arise. Let’s slow down, breath and make space for the fundamental and the profound.

Some things you should know before signing up:

  • We use creativity as a therapeutic tool, this is not an art psychotherapy group.
  • You do not need to be able to draw, this is not an art class. It is not about producing a ‘good picture’.
  • There are plenty of objects you can use as a material throughout the house and garden! Gather up pencils, markers, crayons, paints, pastels; Gather up paper, old magazines, newspapers, cardboard containers, gather up any household objects such as tinfoil, clingfilm, glue, scissors, wrapping paper, fabrics or gather up organic materials such as food, earth, plants, leaves, twigs, stones, or sand. You can also use your I pad or tablet to create digital images. The sky is the limit.

To find out more about the meditative creative exercises I use in my workshops, see below:

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