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Enhance your Vitality this Autumn with Food and Yoga

“Enhancing vitality”


Yoga & Nutrition Workshop to Support & Boost your Immune System this Autumn 


 Yoga Sequences designed to open the body increasing energy & flexibility, aiding digestion & organ health.


Nutrition talk on the best foods for this autumn. Discussion on which ingredients will boost your health and keep you well during the season.


Restorative Postures using props of bolsters & blankets to deeply relax activating the parasympathetic nervous system helping the body internal healing process to boost immune function, digestion, reducing stress, restoring balance.  


This workshop will give you the tools to re-charge & rejuvenate which you can use in your everyday life.  Open to all, even beginners.


Limited places, please book in advance. Contact either Eileen or Lucy now.




Saturday 29nd September

Yoga Loft Cork


Lucy Hyland


086 8179964

Eileen O Sullivan


087238 3849


Light nutritious lunch provided

Cost: €45


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