Creative Meditation Gate 1 Human Design

Today we slow down and tune into a creative meditation on Gate 1 – The Creative. These meditations using drawing as a way of connecting to the body, allowing you discover a new way of exploring your human design through breath and contemplation.

This is Gate 1 – The Creative

In this creative drawing we play with the essence of Gate 1, which for me is around the spark of creativity. As you can imagine, I love this one! I do not have it activated in my chart, so perhaps my wisdom is around knowing what creativity can mean for the other.

In this video, I start with a gentle meditation, allowing you to slow down and connect to your body, breath and felt sense. Once we are nicely relaxed, I guide you through a simple creative exercise, which involves mark making and repetitive lines. As we relax, we get to tune into the energy of Gate 1 in your Human Design chart in such a deep way.

Remember that these creative meditations allow us to play with these energies so we can become familiar with them. Yet at the end of the day, following your Strategy and Authority can guide you towards what is correct for you right now.

Creative Meditation on Gate 1 Human Design

Join me for weekly creative meditations on the gates of human design

My weekly creative meditations are a unique perspective on the energy of each gate in the Human Design chart. Each gate travels around the astrological Mandala wheel, moving through the Astrological Signs in the sky. Each week, I explore a new gate, allowing us to look at one aspect of the energy that influences our day to day lives. When particular gates are activated, you may witness particular conversations around you or in the news or have your own thoughts and emotions around these particular themes.

Your Human Design chart provides you with a unique perspective on how to navigate your life with improved self awareness and decision making. The Human Design chart is made up of 64 gates (based on the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching), which are distributed throughout the body in the energy centres (based on the Hindu chakra System and Kabbalah). Each gate presents provides us with a story on different aspects of ourselves and how we manage the changes in our lives.

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