Gate 55 as Human Design Art

Gate 55 Human Design Art

Today we get to play with Gate 55, often called ‘Abundance’ in the I Ching as we create our own Human Design Art. I have created these creative meditations as a way to slow down and tune into the energy that is flowing through us on a daily basis. For many years I ‘thought’ about my gates, channels and bodygraph. However, this wasn’t satisfying enough! Now I create my own Human Design Art and dive much deeper into how these energies really feel in my body and day to day lived experience.

I have Ceres in Gate 55 and so I really feel the importance of this ‘aliveness’ in my life. For me, if I can’t tune into this sense of aliveness or abundance through my experiences, I don’t see the point in engaging with them! So let’s play with this energy of abundance, creating our own Human Design art by drawing and meditating and tapping into this emotional expression. If you are intrigued by my unique way of diving into the Human Design System, you can book a one to one session with me where you draw your human design chart and get a fresh perspective on how you can best navigate your life. Find out more HERE.

Exploring Gate 55 ‘Abundance’ through Human Design Art

How does Abundance feel to you in the body? Do you get a sense of it when engaged with certain people, activities or locations? I never forget that Human Design is an experiment. There is so much great information out there on your chart, centres, gates and channels, yet I’m always wondering what your unique perspective is on your chart.

I’ve created these meditation drawings so that you can learn how to relax, calm the nervous system and begin to tune into these sensitive energies yourself. In these videos, I guide you through simple daily meditation practices, followed by different drawing exercises that free us from ‘thinking’ about these gates. I use mark making, gestures, attention to breath to give you a fresh perspective on your design.

Create your own version of Human Design Art by embodying this energy of Gate 55 and feeling this sense of abundance within. What emerges for you on the page? Certain memories, feelings or inspirations. Just go with your own creative flow and see where this takes you. Remember Gate 55 is in the solar plexus and so you may get a real sense of how these emotional energies are expressed.

Remember that these meditations with creative exercises provide us with different ways to observe the energies in our body and in the transits as a way to become more in touch with them. Life will show us how these energies might unfold of us and we have our Strategy and Authority to decide whether to follow these energies into action.

Creative Meditation on Gate 1 Human Design

Join me for my Human Design Art workshops

I offer courses of meditation drawing where we explore the weekly changes in energies and explore how these may be expressed in our lives. They give us a chance on a more regular basis to slow down enough to experience the nuances of these sensations and feelings. You can drop into my weekly online Creative Meditation sessions any time. These weekly sessions provide us with a different way of navigating the movement of the Sun (and other planets) through the Astrological Mandala Wheel. Each week I’ll provide you with a different type of meditation techniques and drawing exercises, allowing you to reconnect to your body and see your chart from a fresh perspective.

Learning about the System through my Human Design Art has really allowed me to experience my chart in a whole new way. It has allowed me to develop a better sense of self awareness and most importantly, self compassion. The Human Design chart which is made up of 64 gates (based on the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching), which are distributed throughout the body in the energy centres (based on the Hindu chakra System and Kabbalah). Remember that the Gates of the Human Design System as based on the I Ching, called the ‘Book of Changes’ and these ancient stories tell us the various ways we can navigate change in our lives.

Find out more about my one to one Creative Human Design sessions HERE

Check out all of my Creative Meditations on You Tube. I also share some of the images created in my one to one sessions so you can see how get a feeling fro what a creative human design chart session looks like.

For a thorough investigation into the specific aspects of Gate 55, I recommend Chetan Parkyn’s excellent summary HERE