Gate 37 in Human Design Chart

Gate 37 Human Design chart

Today we explore your human design chart through creative meditations, exploring the Gate 37, or the 37 Hexagram of the I Ching, which is about touch and connects to family, friends and your ‘house’. I play with this in a unique way by using touch and drawing as a way to tune into these energies.

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This is Gate 37 – The Family

In this creative meditation we play with the energy of Gate 37, which for me is deeply associated with touch. I have Gate 37 as my Design Jupiter so this presents itself in a unique way for me. Check your human design chart and see if it is defined for you.

In this video, I begin with a meditation, allowing you to slow down and connect with your breath. Once we become more present, I guide you through an easy drawing exercise, which involves using the outline of your hand to make marks. As we relax, we get to tune into the energy of Gate 37 in your Human Design chart by connecting to the sensations in your hands.

Remember that these creative meditations allow us to play with these energies so we can become familiar with them. Yet just because you have an energy activated, does that mean you should follow it. this is the beauty of your Strategy and Authority.

Creative Meditation on Gate 1 Human Design

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You can drop into my weekly online Creative Meditation sessions any time. These weekly sessions allow us to dive into the energies of the week as the Sun makes its way around the gates of the Astrological Mandala Wheel. Each week I’ll guide you through a new creative exercise, all design to help you reconnect and gain a fresh perspective. I notice that when particular gates are activated, certain themes may come up in my thinking, in my experiences or in the conversation I hear.

Your Human Design chart helps you to navigate your life through each decision you make, assisting you through improved self awareness and self compassion. The Human Design chart is made up of 64 gates (based on the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching), which are distributed throughout the body in the energy centres (based on the Hindu chakra System and Kabbalah). Each gate presents provides us with a story on different aspects of ourselves and how we manage the changes in our lives.

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Check out all of my Creative Meditations on You Tube. I also share some of the images created in my one to one sessions so you can see how get a feeling fro what a creative human design chart session looks like.

For a thorough investigation into the specific aspects of Gate 37, I recommend Chetan Parkyn’s excellent summary HERE