Gate 41 in the Human Design System

Gate 41 Human Design

Today we explore Gate 41 in the Human Design System through the lens of contemplation and drawing. These doodles support us to use breath and mindful practices to connect to this energy in a more embodied way. Gate 41 contains the ‘Start Codon’ and is the first Gate of the Rave New Year, which happens on the 21st/22nd January each year.

You may have the 41 defined in your chart (coloured in) or empty (white). Either way, drawing can be a great way to discover and play with this energy in your own life. Remember you can always book a one on one session with me to explore your chart in the human design system through drawing and meditation. Find out more HERE.

This is Gate 41 – Imagination

In this creative meditation we play with the energy of Gate 41, which is often called ‘The Imagination’ in Human Design. I often find this intriguing, given that this Gate is in the Root centre, the most Yin centre in your Human Design chart. So the 41 is an impulse that comes from the Root centre, to move out into the world and begin something new: as an impulse towards the Solar Plexus.

In this video, I begin with a simple mindful practice, checking in with the breath and connecting in with the body and how it is feeling today. Once we have become more rooted in our bodies, I then guide you through a simple creative exercise, using the touch of the drawing material on our hand as a starting point, and then moving into repeating lines. This exercise kick starts our ‘Imagination’ and allows our creativity to flow.

Remember that these creative meditations provide us with different ways to observe the energies of the transits, perhaps to become more familiar with them. Life will show us how these energies might unfold of us and we have our Strategy and Authority to decide whether to follow these energies into action.

Creative Meditation on Gate 1 Human Design

Join me for weekly creative meditations on your human design chart

Each week I do a meditation and drawing session on the Sun’s energy. You can drop into my weekly online Creative Meditation sessions any time. These weekly sessions provide us with a different way of navigating the movement of the Sun (and other planets) through the Astrological Mandala Wheel. Each week I’ll provide you with a different type of meditation drawing, allowing you to connect and gain a fresh perspective. I notice that when particular gates are activated, certain themes may come up in my thinking, in my experiences or in the conversation I hear. And other times, I don’t really notice anything at all!

Learning about the Human Design System and my own chart has really helped me to find a deeper sense of self awareness and self compassion. The Human Design chart is made up of 64 gates (based on the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching), which are distributed throughout the body in the energy centres (based on the Hindu chakra System and Kabbalah). Remember that the Gates of the Human Design System as based on the I Ching, called the ‘Book of Changes’ and these are based on different ways of nagicating the changes in our lives.

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Check out all of my Creative Meditations on You Tube. I also share some of the images created in my one to one sessions so you can see how get a feeling fro what a creative human design chart session looks like.

For a thorough investigation into the specific aspects of Gate 41, I recommend Chetan Parkyn’s excellent summary HERE