Health Behaviour Change
Health Behaviour Change

Time to change your health behaviour for the better.

I had one of those great break through conversations with a client the other day. One that I would like to share. Not because you might be having the same conversation with yourself on a regular basis, but because you might also be stuck in a pattern of behaviour that is preventing you from moving forward.

In the conversation, my client talked about her cycle of behaviour in her own words, one which she had carried for many many years. The cycle went like this:

I’m being so good! I’m eating well and looking after me. This feels great.

Oops, I’ve slipped up. I cant believe I ate that massive dessert. I’m useless, I cant even look after myself. Whats the point? I’m so ashamed.

Oh to hell with all this. I might as well have a bad day today after last night and just eat whatever I want. I feel so guilty about how I’m behaving. I might as well give up.

Ok. I’m feeling a bit better now. Time to get back on track and start looking after myself again.

What was interesting about this cycle is that she was actually looking after herself really well. But she would have these breakouts. These uncontrollable breakouts where the same story kept reappearing. And this same story was causing her to self destruct for a few days a time.

Through my programme, we started to unravel her story, her behaviours and her actions. We dug under the surface to find out what was really going on. After a few months, we unravelled the story and found out ways of preventing this recurring behaviour.

At the start it seems impossible. At the start you honestly believe this is who you are. Yet, if you are willing to be open to the possibility that it is not set in stone, you can open up your world to the possibility of new stories, new behaviours and new enjoyment in life.

Would you rather stay the way you are?

My programme allows us to rebuild your daily practice of self-care together.


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