2 minute breakfast porridge

After hearing too many excuses about my clients no having time for breakfast, I came up with this easy and quick porridge that you can make yourself. No more excuses….

2 minute breakfast porridge

2 minute breakfast porridge


  • One cup of oats (ordinary rolled oats or oat groats/bits)
  • Two cups of water or milk of your choice (eg rice, soya, oat)


  1. The night before, place the oats in a saucepan and cover with the water/milk.
  2. Cover with a lid.
  3. The next morning, turn the heat on to high and within a minute or two the porridge will be bubbling and cooked.
  4. Sprinkle with some chopped fruit and nuts.
  5. Sugar free, wheat free


My optimal Self Care Food Plan restores love and balance to your meal times.


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