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My 3 month “Find your Centre” course is a transformative journey that brings You home to You

This is a very different course to all other generic weight loss programmes and harsh goal driven plans. This bespoke health course is an experience, its a journey that puts you at the centre and gives you the space and support you need to come back to yourself.

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My clients in the past have felt lost and confused and spent so many years trying to follow others that they have lost their sense of self.

This course is about awareness. Improving your awareness of your body and mind so that you can change from a place of knowing.

After working with many people over the last 10 years searching for a healthy holistic way of living., I generally hear “I find it so hard to stay on track””I know what to do to change, but I can’t seem to do it” or “I get so confused with all the information but I’ve no idea what is right for me”.

Good health is made up from many different components, with food being one of the anchors. Yet this is only one piece of your picture. This course will show you what the other pieces of the picture are, and how to put it all together to create a balanced life that is 100% you.

This 3 month course will last you a lifetime.

“If my journey with you has taught me anything, it is taking care of myself. Food is part of it, and Lucy has shown me how to use food to help me along to a healthier and happier me. The one on one approach helped me to focus on ‘me’ and become aware of where I’m at and where I want to go. Thanks Lucy” Katelijne, Cork

“I’d been going through a period of fatigue, digestive problems and various muscle and joint pains. I wanted to see what I could do to turn things around through nutrition and lifestyle change and knew Lucy was the person to help me. Over the time Lucy and I worked together, we explored what food choices could support my energy levels and ease my digestion. We also took a creative look at my busy schedule and played with different approaches to managing life situations. All throughout the process Lucy tailored the coaching sessions to my individual style of understanding and learning and the outcome were solutions that were specific to me and I was able to implement. I always felt fully supported. – Lucy was always a phone call or email away. Thanks so much Lucy!” Caroline, Dublin

So whats included in my ‘Find Your Centre’ course:

  • Full and detailed pre-consultation form that includes medical history and three day food diary.
  • 4-6 Skype sessions lasting 1 hour.
  • Weekly touch base sessions, over skype, phone or email (whatever suits you best)
  • Daily access to support, clarification and high fives!

If the time is right, this course is perfect for you. Click on the “Get Started Now” button to take the first step.

Investment of €199 per month * 3 months 

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Your step by step journey begins here

If you still have questions, and most of us do, I would be delighted to have a 20 minute session over Skype. Contact me to find out more.