Healthy ideas for lunch

One question I get asked a lot is – what can I bring for lunch or what can I eat on the road?

Here are some simple suggestions for those on the move:

  • Keep your leftovers from last night and bring in to reheat – simple and cost effective. Soup in a flask is also great.
  • Salads can be filled with every imaginable vegetable, fruit, nuts or seeds, chicken or fish or beans.. The list is endless. You can also fill a pitta or brown bread with your favourites.
  • Speaking of pittas – Fill them with a good source of quality protein so that you can last the afternoon – chicken or turkey breast, canned or fresh fish and some veggies of your choice. You can also hold the mayo and put in some mashed avocado instead (full of those healthy Omega 6 oils)
  • Chop some crudités of carrots, celery, peppers or courgette and bring a dip such as hummus or guacamole.
  • Even a tin of tuna or sardines with some wholegrain crackers works a treat.
  • If in a hurry, I store a jar of 100% nut butter in the fridge and simply spread over a whole grain cracker or brown bread – simply add some fresh fruit for dessert.

For in the car, a packed of raw nuts or seeds along with some easy to handle fresh fruit such as apples, pears, plums and bananas are great!
A small tub of natural yogurt can also act as a perfect dessert or on the go food..

Happy experimenting!

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  1. kieran kealy

    hi lucy i have painful symptons of irratable bowel. i get diaroha, bloated feeling, cramps, can you give me some advice. its affecting my daily life. im very stressed our from it. im eating tuna in brine, potatoes, peas, chick peas, is chocolate very harmful for it, i also have porridge oats for breakfast, with flaxseed oil, ive had a very long time. ive being taking doctors tablets.

    • Lucy

      Irritable bowel can be a very difficult thing to comment on as its so personal to the individual – with different symptoms being experienced by everyone. My 2 biggest suggestions are increase your water, especially away from food, and increase your fibre through whole grains and natural foods such as fruit and vegetables, nuts and seeds and beans and lentil – there are loads of recipes on my site if you are uncertain about how to use these ingredients.


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