Getting creative with Gate 61: Human Design Art

Human Design Art Gate 61

Drawing your Gate 61 with Human Design Art

Dive deep into the essence of Gate 61 in Human Design and explore the concepts of inner truth through a creative meditation. In this video I explore the energy of Gate 61 by guiding you to create your own Human Design Art. These creative meditations allow you to sense, feel and explore the energies of your Human Design chart through meditation and simple creative exercises. So let go of any ‘ideas’ of what you think the Gate 61 is all about, and simply relax, tune in and engage your senses in the creation of doodle or drawing as a Human Design Art piece.

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I have the Gate 61 defined in my own bodygraph with my P Venus and so I feel as though it’s been a life long journey with this defined mental energy. I often find it hard to realise the ‘beauty’ of this gate, and yet sometimes the truth emerges in the most beautiful way.

Drawing Human Design Art with Gate 61

Inner truth – what a concept! Sometimes it feels so far away, so unattainable. Yet, when the truth drops, it is impossible not to hear it, not to feel it. Like the whole body shudders or lights up!

Remember, Human Design is an experiment—an opportunity to explore your unique story amidst a sea of information about your centers, gates, and channels. I’ve crafted creative meditation drawings to help you relax, calm your nervous system, and tap into these sensitive energies independently. With the help of these videos, I’ll guide you through mindful practices and creative exercises, using gesture, breath, mark making, to offer you a fresh perspective through Human Design Art.

What does it feel like to have the pressure of the head centre, waiting for inspiration to strike, not knowing what it all means until the penny finally decides to drop! Does anything feel ‘true’ to you right now?

Creative Meditation on Gate 61 Human Design

Find a creative way to discover your Human Design (Ch)art

By engaging with your bodygraph in a more creative, connected and embodied way, you can begin to open up to the energies of that move through you and how these impact on your relationships to yourself, the other and the cosmos. The Human Design chart comprises 64 gates, based on the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching, dispersed across energy centers rooted in the Hindu chakra system and Kabbalah. These gates, rooted in the I Ching’s ‘Book of Changes,’ illuminate ancient narratives guiding us through life’s transformations.

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For a thorough investigation into the specific aspects of Gate 61, I recommend Chetan Parkyn’s excellent summary HERE