Human Design:
Evolutionary Self-care

Human Design offers us a map of our full potential, providing us with a pathway back to our bodies and allowing us to belong on our bones. 

From here, we can surrender to our human nature, building awareness in how to uniquely love and care for ourselves.

Human Design self-care

My approach to self-care through Human Design

What do my Evolutionary Self-care sessions involve?

In each evolutionary self-care session we experiment and play with aspects of your chart, focusing on areas where you want to dig deeper. 

I often use creative exercises as a way of tuning into the energy of particular centres, channels or gates or playing with how your Strategy and Authority works for you. 

I recommend people bring along basic art materials to each session. This is not about ‘drawing’ anything in particular – it’s about using colour, lines, marks to begin to embody your design in your own unique way. There is so much information in Human Design that I tend to play with how we can turn this incredible knowledge into something that can be practised on a day to day basis.

It is important to note that this is not a reading. I suggest you go to the IHDS website to find an analyst that you can connect with. My sessions are aimed at those who have either already had a reading and want to dig deeper, or those who are right at the start of their journey and want to dip their toe in.   

To find out more about my own Human Design story, read HERE.

Amy's Story

I had been in the experiment for about 2 years and had a couple of readings when I came across Lucy. My head was filled with the knowledge and all I worried about was getting it right. 

With Lucy, I was finally able to let go of needing it to be a particular way. Her approach is deep, yet her sense of humour makes the process incredibly playful. 

I’d recommend Lucy to anyone wanting her unique Quad Right perspective on this work.

Kathy's Story

I undertook a 3-month program with Lucy as I really wanted to get in under the layers of my human design chart. 

Her sessions are not about the information, but rather how does it feel in the body to be me. It’s like there is a taste to each gate, channel or centre and how the energy flows around the body. 

Her simple creative exercises allowed me to tune into how each aspects of my chart looks like from my perspective.  

Lucy Hyland, The Way to Self Care. 
Photo Joleen Cronin

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