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Light is the Left Hand of the Darkness

Light is the Left Hand of the Darkness 2

Its Summer Solstice, 2020. I always find it unusual that in June, when are just beginning to discover the warmth and energy of the summer, our earth begins its shift towards the winter sun. I wonder about the lightness and the darkness, about the solstice and the eclipses, the planets and the sun. And I turn inwards. I am always wondering, questioning this idea of the light and the dark in each one of us. It was Jung who first spoke about the shadow within us, the conscious and the unconscious, what we are aware of and what we are not. In this piece, I begin to explore what on earth this might mean for us as we attempt to create a practise of self care.

I begin, for some reason, with colour. I am struck by the darkness of the black embroidery thread. Should we be afraid of the shadow or the darkness? Just because it is something unknown, should it automatically be feared? There is something deep and mystical here, the black of a witches cape or the darkness at the bottom of the well.

On the other hand, I am drawn towards a lighter colour. Of course, it is easy to chose white or grey, yet I don’t. I chose warmer creamy beiges, browns and golds. Yes, these provide a contrast yet seem to complement in some way. I find some black wire coil, contrasting against the soft flexibility of the embroidery thread. This is a contrast I am liking a lot at the moment and it appears again here.

Light is the Left Hand of the Darkness

I create a warp of black embroidery thread and begin to weave with the thread. As I weave back and forward, I begin to incorporate the other colours, showing that the darkness can indeed be embedded with the light. As this starts to create a pattern, the weave in the wire coil. It breaks up the tradition weave and creates contours and waves. This makes weaving quite difficult yet I keep going back to do more. Perhaps playing with the material will allow me see this old question in a new way.

Light is the Left Hand of the Darkness 2


In process: I’m still on a journey with this one…

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