Making Changes for Life
Making Changes for Life

Making changes from the right place makes it last a lifetime.

There are two types of change.

Well, actually there are probably heaps more. But for the sake of my sanity and brevity, I’m going to say there are two. And being at the other side of the table when I see these different types of change in action, I thought I’d draw your attention to the difference.

The first type of change means business. Its focused, its pushy and it is here to get things done. I’m guessing it has a to do list and maybe even a clip board or an excel spreadsheet (ok only joking about the clip board!). Its determined, very determined. It has realised that change needs to happen and, at a very mental level, it has decided to make it happen now.

This type of change does get things done. You cant deny it – it works! And yet, from the other side of the table, I can feel its edge. Its hard, its merciless and it doesn’t particularly care about you, it simple cares about making something happen. It has timelines, deadlines and goals.

I’ve seen clients succeed with this type of change. I’ve seen the boxes ticked and I’ve seen the agendas reached. But what else do I see? I see a bruised and battered body that has been made comply with the demands of the mind. I’ve seen a spirit that has drowned in “I should” and “I’ll try to”. I get a sense of no real satisfaction, but rather a job well done.

Yet, there is also another type of change that I see with clients. This change tends to be slower, and even a little more organic. Its tends to flow gently and takes us to all sorts of unexpected places. It involves so much listening and very little talking.

This type of change brews internally for quite some time before moving. Its like the time simply must be right. This change is open. It doesn’t necessarily have a set goal but does have a direction that it would like to move in. The changes that result from this process are generally less dramatic yet seem to penetrate deeply. This depth means that the change doesn’t just take place now, but seems to affect us for a long time.

Sometimes the end result of both these process can look very similar from the outside. But if you sit for long enough next to these changes, you will start to see how different they both feel. We can push our bodies to achieve whatever we want them to achieve. We can push and we can shove. But the question you need to ask yourself is – Is it worth it?

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