Meditation Drawing for Art & Wellness Exhibition

meditation drawing

I’m delighted to be part of this upcoming exhibition which is the culmination of 18 months of work. I have been continuing to develop my practice in contemplative art, using meditation and mindful techniques as part of my weaving and drawing work. This exhibition is the culmination of over 18 months of work as part of the Mindfulness Collaboratory, working closely with artists and arts educators from around the world. It has been such an enriching experience to work with others so passionate about the arts and how we can assist our own sense of wellbeing, along with the wellbeing of those in our communities. As always, I hope that this work ripples out in my own community, touching hearts and softening views.

In Flow: Exploring Art and Wellness

MTU Gallery at 46 Grand Parade

6-23 February / Open 11am-4pm | Mon – Fri

Mindful Drawing Workshops 6-9 February Tues-Fri  12.30-2pm 

All welcome, with no art experience required.



6-23 February / Open 11am-4pm | Mon – Fri

In Autumn 2022, Pratt Institute, New York, invited applications from artists and cultural leaders for their Intentional Leadership Programme 2023/24. The project explored the role of contemplative practices, mindfulness, and self-care as a creative leadership tool, through a series of online workshops during 2023.

Participants integrated these ideas into their professional and personal lives. This exhibition presents work in progress, exploring the potential role of creative practice in self-care and wellbeing through personal engagement, positive pedagogy and research, including:

  • A series of live workshops offering opportunities to experience drawing as a mindfulness practice.
  • Aspects of the arts which support wellbeing, explored through a resource in development for planning arts-based workshops.
  • A students’ response to a slow looking workshop in a gallery setting.
  • Early outputs researching wellbeing in education through creative approaches, including an adaptable self-care toolkit. 

Mindful Drawing Workshops

6-9 February Tues-Fri  12.30-2pm

All welcome. No art experience necessary. These lunchtime workshops invite you take time out of the busyness of your week to sit, relax and doodle.

Come for 10 mins or stay as long as you like.

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