Reconnect to Self: Meditation Drawing for Creative Self-care

Meditation drawing autumn leaves

Meditation drawing online – weekly sessions for creative self care

Are you curious about how you can use creativity to tune into your inner world and enhance your ability to notice what is really going on?

My meditation drawing sessions are a great way to take time out, tune into yourself and start using the creative process as a tool for self discovery. Each 30 minutes video is designed with a short introduction, a 5 minute mediation and 15-20 minutes creative time. We always have a few minutes to reflect at the end.

For this week’s session, I added a visualisation. This is a simple method often used in meditation or art therapy techniques to reduce the anxiety that might come with not knowing where to start with a blank white page!  In this exercise, I give a calming simple instruction here to draw an Autumn leaf. It’s Autumn at the moment and as the ground is filled with these colourful beauties at the moment.

So take 30 minutes out of your busy schedule to slow down, relax and breath. Discover the space that exists underneath the surface of rushing and anxiety.

Allow me to guide you through a simple meditation where we focus on the breath. Then follow my instructions to draw, doodle or daydream about Autumn leaves for 20 minutes or so. Afterwards you’ll feel more focused, less stressed and ready to go with your day.

Creativity can be a great way to open yourself up to the possibilities and potentials around us. We are often too busy flying around to be still, notice what is really going on, and chose to act out of a different place. I find these 30 minutes can be the perfect reset so I can begin to prioritising what is really important.

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