What One-to-One Creative Self-care Looks Like

Exploring creative self-care – surrendering to the process

People often ask me what a creative self care journey looks like.  My 3 month ‘deep dive’, with three 1.5 hour creative self-care sessions over the 3 months, allows for plenty of time and space for creativity and contemplation.

Jane came to me recently, wanting to engage in a creative self-care journey. She saw herself as a carer and spent much of her time caring and fixing problems that needed to be solved.

Over three sessions, we grounded, meditated and explored.

  • In her first session, she opened herself to her creativity and grounded herself. Read more HERE
  • In her second, she created space for voices to speak. Read more HERE
  • In her third, we explored her growing awareness of herself and her way of being in this world. Read more HERE

Jane had really taught me about the potential to surrender to the process. I always learn so much from my clients and they always show me another perspective, another way of seeing things.

Reflecting on self-care sessions

When I was reflecting on our time together, a statement kept coming into my mind. The words were ‘Yin Art”. I thought about all these processes we engage in, all the step by step programmes, all those action-based wellbeing courses.

What if there was a lot less to do in the healing journey? What if we weren’t so much an active creator, and our work was more about active awareness?

Opening up to the mystery of what emerges from us on to the page in a creative exercise. Opening up to allowing the image to hold what is needed, and to do the work on our behalf. Opening up to potentials and possibilities that we are not even aware of yet.

Perhaps our only job is to notice and to listen. To regain some sort of humbleness that has long been lost. To reflect on the magic and imagination that go well beyond our thoughts. Through the creative process, when we give it time and space and when we give ourselves time and space, life can present in all its glory and mystery.


Are you curious about how creativity can enhance your overall sense of wellbeing? If you are intrigued and want to know more, you can find more on one-to-one session or book a chat with me HERE