One-to-One Self-Care Online

Are you feeling overwhelmed and burnt out? Are you curious about how creativity can enhance your overall sense of wellbeing?

Sustain your self with one-to-one self-care online sessions.  

These individualised and online creative self-care sessions allow you to tune into the deeper rhythms of your life, access the potential of compassion and care, and re-imagine your way forward.

Someone by your side as you push the boundaries

What do one-to-one self-care online sessions involve?

Each online creative self-care session is uniquely designed based on your intention. It may involve grounding into embodied wisdom; using creativity with nature’s gifts; using mediations and visualisations to expand our imagination or tapping into our unique potential with Human Design.

Let’s go beyond what we think we know.

Amanda's Story

“I contacted Lucy when I felt like I needed a self-care reset. I adore my work and am passionate about building teams in an awesome work environment. Yet, I began to feel weary and found I was losing my heart in the work. Lucy provided me with plenty of compassionate curiosity about where I was and we used creativity to imagine my heart back in the centre of all that I do. I reconnected with what was truly important to me and I’m move forward with a reinvigorated sense of care.”

Amanda, National Manager, Australia

Catherine's Story

“ I undertook a 3-month programme with Lucy, initially to discuss my overall wellbeing. Yet each month, we travelled deeply into some of the fundamental principles that govern the way I live and work. Lucy blended various tools depending on what was needed; from human design, creative practises, visualisations, all of which facilitated an honest and reflective conversation. We were able to slow down to a profound receptivity to uncover deeper truths, re-constellating what came into my awareness and remaining open to the potentials ahead of me. I was able to gather up the core anchors of my life and move forward well rooted with renewed confidence and trust..“

FAQs about Self-Care Online

These self-care sessions are targeted at big hearted women who are passionate about the work they do in this world. Their careers are founded on their own self-development and personal journeys, often being a role of therapist, counsellor, facilitator or activist. Their own self-care fuels their passions and desires for this world.

I am a qualified artist and art therapist but this is not a psychotherapy session. My clients are generally women who have undergone ongoing therapy as part of their training or have been involved in previous self development or supporting work. My skill base allows me to go deep with clients as they remain open to ongoing self discovery and integration.

Each person begins a very specific intention for this work in self-care and this leads the collaboration. Together we tune into the rhythms of life and explore what possibilities exist within current situations and stories.

No. The creative process is about opening ourselves up to different perspectives and ways of seeing things through the use of art and natural materials. It is a tool for tapping into the many aspects of yourself.

Each session takes place on Zoom and is tailored to the individual needs and the intentions that are carried into the space. We are often sitting in a place of unknown. Through the creative process, mediations or visualisations, accurate reflections or embodied practices, we can move into a place of greater insight or welcome where we find ourselves now.

No need to buy anything – there are plenty of objects you can use as a material throughout the house and garden!
Gather up pencils, markers, crayons, paints, pastels; gather up paper, old magazines, newspapers, cardboard containers, gather up any household objects such as tinfoil, clingfilm, glue, scissors, wrapping paper, fabrics or gather up organic materials such as food, earth, plants, leaves, twigs, stones, shells or sand.
You can also use your I pad or tablet to create digital images. The sky is the limit.

Lucy Hyland, The Way to Self Care. 
Photo Joleen Cronin

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