Online Bealtaine Self-care Workshop: Drawing from Nature

This is a gentle online self-care workshop that explores self-care through creativity and nature. We will wonder how we can resource ourselves daily through nature as a way of supporting our caring work?

The workshop will involve a mediation with in/with nature, giving us time to ground ourselves, open our eyes and observe. We then move into a simple creative exercise, drawing and doodling what we are sensing, considering how we can replenish ourselves through our interactions with nature.

This workshop can be done outside in your garden/local green space with a fully changed phone, tablet or computer. Or the workshop can be done indoors with a natural object of your choice. Contact me on for more info.

For a brief description on what my meditative creative sessions are like, see the video below:

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Some things you should know before signing up:

  • We can achieve way more together than we can alone. I keep my groups small, to develop small caring communities that will support each other going forward. We use the creative process as a means of opening up our hearts and minds to all the potential resources that lie within. There is nothing wrong with you, there is nothing to be fixed. You have it all all of the potentials inside and in the world around you. We are deeply connected in so many ways so lets create together.
  • We use creativity as a therapeutic tool, this is not an art psychotherapy group. If you feel you need extra support, I am happy to find help you find a therapist.
  • You do not need to be able to draw, this is not an art class. It is not about producing a ‘good picture’. It’s about creating something each week that represents the whole of who you are right now.
  • There are plenty of objects you can use ‘to draw’ throughout the house and garden! Gather up pencils, markers, crayons, paints, pastels; Gather up paper, old magazines, newspapers, cardboard containers, gather up any household objects such as tinfoil, clingfilm, glue, scissors, wrapping paper, fabrics or gather up organic materials such as food, earth, plants, leaves, twigs, stones, or sand. You can also use your I pad or tablet to create digital images. The sky is the limit.

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