Self Care for Beginners

This is a practical step-by-step guide to show you the ‘how’ of self-care. It challenges the idea that self-care is based on grand gestures (although those are nice!). Self-care is a day-by-day, even minute-by-minute activity of awareness.  My self-care eBook is not about getting into driver’s seat with loads of to-dos and speeding forward to become a new you! It’s about sitting back, watching how you behave, becoming aware of your stories, and then choosing the path to self-care that suits you. It includes 5 creative exercises that enable you to discover what is underneath your desire for self-care.

This lovely little book is the ideal guide for those of us who want to incorporate a bit of self-care into our life but who have struggled to find an approach that endures beyond the first week.
The short creative exercises are very manageable – with the focus on the process rather than artistic ability – but the results can be enlightening.
These exercises, combined with the conversational style, made it feel like a friend delivering a guided meditation, in written form.
And the biggest test of all: five weeks on and I’m still returning to it!

Sibeal, Cork


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