Self Care for Beginners

Self-care for Beginners: Cultivating Self-Awareness Through Creativity.

This is a practical step-by-step guide to show you the ‘how’ of self-care. It challenges the idea that self-care is based on grand gestures (although those are nice!). Self-care is a day-by-day, even minute-by-minute activity of awareness.  My self-care eBook is not about getting into driver’s seat with loads of to-dos and speeding forward to become a new you! It’s about sitting back, watching how you behave, becoming aware of your stories, and then choosing the path to self-care that suits you.

Each chapter focuses on building self-awareness and tapping into your own sense of creativity. You do not need to be able to paint or draw for this book, it is not about drawing the perfect picture. It is about tapping into our senses and developing self-awareness through the creative process. Its is about tuning into this moment and giving yourself what you need when you need it.

Self-care is not an end in itself. Much of our desire for self-care stems from our deep love for others and for this world. When we care for ourselves, we can go out there and be champions for change and growth. Deep self-care comes from deep self love.

The book is broken into 5 short chapters that are filled with exercises and experiments:

Chapter 1 The Foundation:

This covers why self-awareness is the foundation of good self-care and introduces us to our greatest asset: this body of ours. All of our knowing, wisdom, great senses and feelings come from within.

Chapter 2 Five easy steps to forming a self-care practice:

A step by step guide that is broken down into the simplest form. Learn how to come back to your breath, tune into your senses, expand your awareness, and begin to take notice of the conversations we have within and with others.

Chapter 3 One-minute mediation:

A simple mediation that can be used over and over again and literally takes a minute.

Chapter 4 Five creative exercises designed to help you tune in:

One of the gentlest and most enjoyable ways to tap into where you are is through the creative process. I’ll provide you with short exercises that focus on the things you love, what the constants are in your life and increase your self-awareness around what feeds you on many levels. The creative process is about opening yourself up to imagination, play and to possibilities.

Chapter 5 Brings it all together

Bringing together all of the exercises and learning so we can take our next step filled with love and compassion.

By the end of the book, which can be done over 5 days, 5 weeks or 5 months, you will have taken time out to listen to yourself, tap into your own body wisdom and get to practice what deep listening and deep self-care feels like.

This lovely little book is the ideal guide for those of us who want to incorporate a bit of self-care into our life but who have struggled to find an approach that endures beyond the first week.
The short creative exercises are very manageable – with the focus on the process rather than artistic ability – but the results can be enlightening.
These exercises, combined with the conversational style, made it feel like a friend delivering a guided meditation, in written form.
And the biggest test of all: five weeks on and I’m still returning to it!

Sibeal, Cork


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