Weight Loss Meal Plan for winter

This downloadable Weight Loss Meal Plan is designed for those who want to self-care for their health and manage their weight as best they can. This is the perfect amount of inspiration to guide you towards your own Weight Loss Meal Plan over 7 days. Filled with recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, you will be rest assured that you are taking a positive step forward towards weight loss. Each recipe has been created to be both delicious and balanced, giving you a structured eating plan that puts your own health care first and promotes weight loss. This plan is based on summer ingredients, which means warming and comforting dishes bursting with love.


Rita is just one of my clients who used the plan

“Lucy’s diet meal plans teaches you the reality of eating proper food. You have to make time for the whole experience……..the shopping, the chopping, the wash up and of course the cooking. It’s worth all the effort. The food is delicious, such a wonderful combination of flavours. After a few days of eating properly I felt an inner confidence in myself. At last the focus was on me. My food. My self care. I have so much energy and my cravings for “something sweet” have disappeared. My fridge is full of proper food and on this plan I’m not hungry at all. Lucy’s weight loss plan is more than that – for me it is a life food plan.”

Rita, Cork

  • A 7 day foundation food plan including all breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks. You won’t just receive ingredients lists like other meal plans. These food plans contain full detailed recipes for all meals.
  • All recipes are in both metric and imperial measurements and I also include a conversion chart for different oven temperatures.
  • Ingredients are picked depending on the season so they will be the freshest to eat, the most nutritious and the best price.
  • A full customised shopping list with everything you need. You will be buying whole natural foods that care for your health.
  • I’ve also added some gentle beginning exercises connecting your eating to self-care, and handpicked the best 10 nuggets of advice to support you into long term positive eating habits.

Supplementary Advice

The ‘Weight Loss Meal Plan for winter’ is designed to provide people with a basic introduction to how choosing healthier foods can help you boost your health naturally. If you are on medication, please do not change your dosage without consulting a healthcare practitioner. If you are on a specific diet or are aware of any intolerance/allergies, please consult your healthcare practitioner before starting on this meal plan.

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