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Self Care Coaching

Discover my ‘Taking Care of Yourself’ Programme and together we can explore your own way to self care.

“Her knowledge , enthusiasm , patience and holistic approach to the programme was wonderful. It is a journey I would recommend to anyone, with Lucy guiding you to a better healthier you.”

Sarah, Cork

Taking care of yourself is a highly personal act. It comes from deep inside and motivates how you behave and operate on a daily basis.

My “Taking Care of Yourself” programme is a three month deep dive that brings you back to you. Self Care isn’t about adding more stuff to your to-do list. It’s about embodying the love and care you have for yourself so you can go out into the world and be your best.

“A great big thank you to Lucy for helping me get back on track. Having someone in my corner for 3 months was really important for my recovery. Thank you again Lucy.”

Daire, Cork

Yes, there may be laughs and there may be tears. Yet, by the end of the three months, you’ll have learnt to love and appreciate yourself even more. You can move forward in life taking care of yourself.

Self care isn’t about doing, it’s a way to be.

“I am delighted that I sought Lucy’s professional help. I found her one-on-one sessions very focussed and insightful. Lucy really knows her stuff and her approach is very practical. Within weeks I could see the results I wanted and more!”


Fiona, Cork

With a Masters in Art Therapy and a thesis in self-care underway, I’m walking the talk until mid 2021. Rather than running my coaching programmes, I’m sharing my self-care practice through art and food. I would love to experience this creative journey with you as this path unfolds.

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