Self-Care through Human Design Signature

self-care for carers

Tune into self-care unique to you by using your Human Design “Signature”

I always been driven to dig down deeper into human behaviour and understand more about how we can love and care for ourselves in a way that was unique to us. Luckily we have Human Design and its ability to show how utterly unique we all are. When looking at self-care within our human design chart, we can stay at the surface, looking into the channels, gates and lines or go deep under the surface.

A signature cocktail for unique self-care

I’m a big fan of Sam Zagar and I love her work. She has created a ‘Signature’ for your own Design and I love applying this to self-care:

When working with this idea of a ‘Signature’, it connects the different elements under the surface of your chart, looking at the Four Transformations. She brings together your Determination, Cognition and Environment like a cocktail recipe, to create a short description that you can easily go to. This is where self-care can get really specific and where the experiment becomes even more fun. My signature is:

When I take time out alone and focus on my breathing, I am able to observe what is happening by taking small simple pieces of information and cataloging them internally through meditation, so that I can prioritise what I want to share in response when asked by others.

My unique way to self-care through human design

I’ve loved experimenting with this and seeing where I get it so right (and also so wrong!). Hey, no judgment, right? I noticed how easy it was for me to be impulsive, to speak, yet also act and do, without waiting. I began to translate this into a broader idea of self-care. So often I act out. i rush into doing something that I thought I wanted, or thought might help. Often, there is a pause needed. I need to stop, take a few breaths, and digest a certain aspect of what was happening. I would shut my eyes or focus on an area within my body. I would sense deeper into the body to see what’s actually called for. Sometimes it was simply being still, breathing, taking time out was all that was needed rather than something to do.

In my one on one self-care sessions, we can dig into your signature, draw it, act it out, play with it so that we can see what insights want to come to the surface. It can take us deeper yet also be really specific about what might work for you.

I can work with people who have been had their reading and want to see a fresh perspective. I also have clients that have no understanding of human design and want to be creative with the basics. I can incorporate the basics of human design to take our self-care discussion even deeper.

So, what is your Signature?

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A quick reminder: I am not a Human Design (HD) analyst and it is not my intention to teach or analyse your human design chart. I’ll leave that to the professionals! I’m a Quad Right (in HD this means all 4 four variables are right focused so I am passive, receptive and peripheral). I take in everything discussed in the sessions and you get to draw out of me what might be relevant, insightful or useful.