Visionary Self-Care Workshops

Are you an activist, artivist, therapist or facilitator?

Are you curious about how creativity can enhance your overall sense of wellbeing? My self care workshops bring together women who are passionate about their work, in search of a community to encourage and elevate them. Together we interweave our own self-care narratives to conceive with compassion the possibilities as we move towards the unimaginable new.

No need to be alone out there at the edges

What is included in my 4-6 week Self-Care Workshops?

Week 1

Set our Intention - the personal and collective

Week 2

Re-crafting our stories - sharing our visions

Week 3

Cultivating courage and curiosity - with honesty and openness

Week 4

Self/Global sustainability - Anchoring our Gifts

Week 5

Embedding fulfilment and joy in our Bones - Stepping up and Stepping Out

What people say about Self-Care Workshops?

Ali's Story

“I attended a self-care workshop with Lucy, with two hours of creative ‘me time’. I was surprised that I got a complete shift through the process and in particular through my creative expression of what had appeared in a guided meditation. Amazing what can happen in 2 hours! This is a lovely gift to oneself or a friend.”

Ali Gibson, Transformation Coach, Scotland

Alana's Story

“I loved (the workshop) and the images created will live on in different ways I am sure. That is always a sign isn’t it, of good inner work. I appreciated the time we had to create and you do a fabulous job of leading meditation..”

Latest Workshops

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Self-care for Big Hearts

Introducing Creativity for Self-care



How do we step out into 2023 with vigour and passion yet also deeply rooted in self-care? This 4 week online workshop is specifically designed for women who care deeply: about their own wellbeing or the wellbeing of others, about the wellbeing of their communities or the wellbeing of our sacred earth.

Over the 4 weeks, we’ll come together as an intimate group women, open our hearts and explore, through eco art practises and creative exercises, meditations and visualisations, what self-care means to us in this ever changing world. Together we can craft a new dialogue for self-care and imagine a different way forward. 

Tuesday 9-11am GMT

January 31st, February 7th, 14th, 21st

Meditation Drawing

Creative self-care for tuning in

Every Tuesday we’ll create a shared meditative space for 45 minutes, giving you some precious time out of your busy day to wind down, tune in and embrace your creative side.

Each session contains a short meditation/visualisation followed by a simple guided creative exercise. We focus on the breath, on making marks and on embodied movements.

No drawing ability required and no art materials needed.