Visionary Self-Care Workshops

Are you an activist, artivist, therapist or facilitator?

My self care workshops bring together women who are passionate about their work, in search of a community to encourage and elevate them. Together we interweave our own self-care narratives to conceive with compassion the possibilities as we move towards the unimaginable new.

No need to be alone out there at the edges

What is included in my 4-6 week Self-Care Workshops?

Week 1

Set our Intention - the personal and collective

Week 2

Re-crafting our stories - sharing our visions

Week 3

Cultivating courage and curiosity - with honesty and openness

Week 4

Self/Global sustainability - Anchoring our Gifts

Week 5

Embedding fulfilment and joy in our Bones - Stepping up and Stepping Out

What people say about Self-Care Workshops?

Ali's Story

“I attended a self-care workshop with Lucy, with two hours of creative ‘me time’. I was surprised that I got a complete shift through the process and in particular through my creative expression of what had appeared in a guided meditation. Amazing what can happen in 2 hours! This is a lovely gift to oneself or a friend.”

Ali Gibson, Transformation Coach, Scotland

Alana's Story

“I loved (the workshop) and the images created will live on in different ways I am sure. That is always a sign isn’t it, of good inner work. I appreciated the time we had to create and you do a fabulous job of leading meditation..”

Latest Workshops

Nourishing Our Roots

Embodied, creative self-care for visionaries

How do we care for ourselves over the long winter months? This online 4 week small group workshop takes place over our busiest months. We mutually build our pillars of resilience to nourish and sustain ourselves for the changes ahead.

7-9pm Irish Standard Time (2-4 pm Eastern Standard Time) 

Wednesday 16th, 23rd, 30th November and 7th December

Stepping Out in Self-care

Starting 1st February, 2023

How do we step out into 2023 with vigour and passion, yet deeply rooted in self-care? This 6 week workshop explores how we can improve our self-awareness around self-care and embed self-care practices into our lives. As a group of big hearted women, we’ll creativity express what potentials lies ahead.