Setting Intentions: a creative exercise for self-care

setting intentions through creativity

Setting Intentions: a simple creative self-care exercise

Here is a simple creative self-care exercise that is about how creativity can help us access our imagination. I find the words ‘ Setting Intention’ more open and inviting than words such as goals. For me, Intention isn’t about sticking to a set place or idea of what you want to be, but rather opening up to the possibility of having more of something in your life.
Above is the image I created when I thought about 2023 as a year. I felt a real sense of expansion from the image, asking me to see beyond any limitations I might be putting in place. When I get stuck that life needs to look this way or that, I’ll happily remember my bird and take a broader perspective.
Remember that you don’t have to produce an image of something in particular. What’s important is that you engage your heart and mind in the process.

Setting Intentions for Self-care through Creativity Exercise

  1. Choose some paper and art materials that inspire you. Lay them out in front of you.
  2. Find somewhere comfortable to sit for a while. Close your eyes and take five slow breaths in and out.
  3. Starting thinking about the year ahead and a feeling you would like to nourish over the course of the year.
  4. Open your eyes. As you look at the paper, is there an image or feeling emerging? If you are not sure, simply begin to make marks on the page and see what emerges.
  5. How does it feel as you draw or create? Is there something you can do to support yourself in this process? Is there a movement, a colour or a mark that helps you feel good?
  6. Take time to sit back, look and allow the image to wash over you. Is there anything that needs to be changed? Is there more you’d like to add? 
  7. For those who have made shapes and colours, perhaps journal on what you feel and think as you observe your image. For those who have drawn something specific, or begin to notice something emerging out of the page, perhaps journal on your thoughts and feelings.
  8. Is there a word or feeling emerging? Feel free to write this on the image and put it up somewhere around your house. I’d also love to see it and discuss the image with you if you think it will help – share it with me on social media at Our Self-care Revolution

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