Aran Series 2: Wild Atlantic Weaves

This is the second woven wall hanging created as part of the 2024  ‘Aran Series’, Having been gifted the wool of an unknitted jumper from a kind 94 women who had lost ability to keep knitting, I transformed this wool into a unique story as part of my Wild Atlantic Weave collection. This piece explores what is it to be connected to all things and how to move out into the world from this place with courage and determination (full description below).

Each of my weaving wall hanging is a uniquely crafted hand built piece made on a circular loom and woven with Irish Aran wool. It is framed with sustainably sourced wood.

I have crafted my own unique process of making that is embedded in the land around me, here at the Old Head of Kinsale. I gather found natural objects along the shoreline on Garrylucas Beach, near Kinsale, bringing them home and placing them on my altar of creation. Over time, the wools and found object infuse together, I make and then dowse the pieces in local plant essences.

This is a once off, intuitively crafted weave that will not be replicated as I work without a pattern or a plan!

For this piece, I intuitively chose Thyme and Dog Rose natural plant essences. Dog Rose allows us to connect to the source of everything: people, place and beings. Thyme is known as the ‘Gentle Warrior’, giving us the will to go out there and live our life with a sense of deep connection and compassion.

Allow this piece to guide you back to yourself. The pattern emerges to look like a universal journey back to the source of you and the source of all healing.

Once purchased, please allow for 2-3 weeks for delivery. Price includes shipping.


Welcome to my “Aran Series” collection of weaving wall art. The Aran Series is a special series of woven art pieces that celebrate the histories and traditions or Aran wool, along with the flora and shorescape of the Old Head of Kinsale. The second in the collection is a real beauty, sharing a deep story, as so many of my pieces do, so read on if you’d like to emerge yourself into a world of belonging and place…
This piece was inspired by a bag of wool I received from a 94 year old knitter. Her eye sight has failed and she sent me the wool, along with the pattern. I was so touched by her gesture, yet I was also touched by the idea that this wool never got to be made into the jumper, never got to be worn.
As I usually do with all of my pieces, I lay the wool down on (what I call) my ‘Creative Altar’. Over the next few weeks, I intuitively collected stones and rocks that spoke to me whilst on my daily walk. As the materials infused over time, I started thinking about the history of the Aran jumper. Families of fishermen living on the Aran Islands off the West Coast of Ireland would have their own patterned jumpers. Each clan had a distinct pattern. The men would wear them going out to sea, keeping them warm, as the women would knit their sweaters out of care and love and bless the jumpers to keep the fishermen safe at sea. Sadly, if a fisherman was lost at sea, his identity could be revealed through the patterns on his jumper.
It made me think about small tight knit communities. About how care was expressed amongst its people. I considered this sense of belonging, which was so evident by the patterns on the jumper. I also considered our connection to our environment and how we are in an ever evolving relationship with the natural forces around us.
How do we explore this sense of belonging today? How do we belong in our fragile human bodies, knowing and caring for ourselves? And how does this love emanate out into our communities, the places we live or come from?
Each of the ‘Aran Series’ is based on a intuitive a unique pattern, a unique set of colours. I feel, in some way, that these are navigational aids, allowing us to find our way home.
As I wove the piece, I would set an intention of finding my way back to me and to this land I call home. Once completed, the piece sat on the wall for several weeks, speaking to me in unspoken words. I intuitively chose plant essences, thyme and dog rose, and dowsed the wools in the final ritual. What really struck me was the dog rose contains the essence of ‘oneness’. It dissolves our sense of separation from others and the world around us and connects us to source. And this connects us nicely to the essence of Thyme. This essence is known as the ‘Gentle Warrior’ and gives us the courage and will to engage with life. Perhaps once we realise we are connected to source, we can move out into the world from our centred selves, owning our stories and opening to compassion. 
The wildness and rawness of the land around the Old Head of Kinsale inspires every piece.
Material: Aran wool, Irish wool
Dimensions: 42 cm sq