Elemental I

‘Elemental I’ is an original handmade needle weave with a message of bravery and compassion. Here is the simplicity of practicing self-care.

Through the use of the basic elements of silver and golden copper coil, we see an unfolding of something that is in motion. It could be a stirring deep inside. The frame holds the stories that you come from, your roots on this earth. Yet there is a recognition that the time is here. You have waited, you have been patient. It is time to begin.

This piece is perfect for a private space in your home. A space that honours your uniqueness, your bravery and your light.

Year: 2022
Materials: Silver and Golden Cooper coil, embroidery thread, upcycled vintage frame
Dimensions: 11 1/2 cm H 8 1/2 cm W 1/2cm D