Feeling Grounded Digital

Feeling Grounded: Digital Download, Self-care Affirmation Screensaver, Wallpaper for Phone/Tablet

This screensaver/wallpaper entitled ‘Feeling Grounded’ allows you to take time out throughout your day to pause, breath and feel grounded. This is the simplicity of practicing self-care.

Where do you go to feel grounded? What does being grounded feel like to you? This piece assists us to feel grounded through the colours and textures of the rocks and stones of our lands. We can often feel overwhelmed or taken over by the stories in our heads or the emotions running through our hearts. As part of acknowledging these, it is often powerful to focus on something simple to help us feel more grounded, more stable in our day. This can be as easy a taking a few deep breaths, focusing on our feet on the ground, softening our gaze for a moment. This piece is a lovely gentle remainder when we need it. Imagine yourself laying on the ground or with your feet firmly placed on grass or sand. Come back to yourself. All is well.

This digital image is an image of handmade wool weave made by the artist. Find the original HERE (url insert). This digital version allows you to save it onto your phone/appliance as a screen saver/wallpaper so you can use it as a visual cue to take a moment and breath.

As these are digital items, you will receive the digital file(s) (high-resolution JPEGs) upon completion of your purchase and is easily downloaded on to your device. There is no physical product with this order.