Holding Your Golden Threads Digital

Holding your Golden Threads: Digital Download, Self-care Affirmation Screensaver, Wallpaper for Phone/Tablet

This screensaver/wallpaper entitled ‘Holding your Golden Threads’ allows you to take time out throughout your day to pause and remember all those supports you have around you. This is the simplicity of practicing self-care.

Can you imagine a golden thread, tying the earth and skies together through your body, anchoring you in constant support? Holding Your Golden Threads is a gentle reminder for us to consider the resources and supports we have around us. They can be daily practices, people or pets we are in contact with or places that we go to breath and take time out. Do we access them daily, regularly or only in times of crisis? This piece is like loving voice that encourages us to access of supports regularly.

This digital image is an image of handmade needle weave made by the artist. Find the original HERE (url insert). This digital version allows you to save it onto your phone/device as a screen saver/wallpaper so you can use it as a visual cue to take a moment and breath.

As these are digital items, you will receive the digital file(s) (high-resolution JPEGs) upon completion of your purchase, easily downloaded on to your devise. There is no physical product with this order.