Introduction to Human Design

Would you like to navigate life with greater ease?

Would you like your very own unique chart, based on your time of birth, that gives us the map to how we can live our lives authentically and fully as ourselves. Human Design is an incredible modern system that synthesises the ancient wisdom of astrology, the I Ching, Kabbalah and Hindu Chakra system.

In this introductory session I will go through the basics of the Human Design system in easy to understand language. I’ll open the door to how you can use your chart to understand, love and know yourself better. From here, you can begin to make grounded, centred decisions that align with your purpose and joy.

You’ll come away with all you need to know to start your journey into using Human Design as a tool for your day to day life. Watch your relationships evolve, both with yourself and with those you interact with.

If you are unable to attend for any reason, the lecture part of the workshop will be recorded and sent to all participants after the event.

Location: Zoom

Date: 7-9pm Thursday 18th July


Human Design:Evolutionary Self-care

Human Design offers us a map of our full potential, providing us with a pathway back to our bodies and allowing us to belong on our bones.

From here, we can surrender to our human nature, building awareness in how to uniquely love and care for ourselves.

My approach to self-care through Human Design