Listen to the Land: Wild Atlantic Weaves

I have designed this Wild Atlantic Weave, entitled ‘Listen to the Land’ from the daily rituals of living on the Old Head of Kinsale Peninsula. Many call this the start of the Wild Atlantic Way and the land here is wild and free.

Each of my weaving wall hanging is a carefully crafted hand built piece made from a circular loom and woven with Irish wool.

My making process involves a ritual of choosing found natural objects along the shoreline, setting healing intentions and dowsing the wools in local plant essences. I always create an altar was made from found sea rocks, shells and rushes from Garrylucas Beach, near Kinsale.

This is a once off, intuitively crafted weave that will not be replicated as I work without a pattern or a plan!

It was spritzed with Primrose and Marsh Marigold. Primrose is wonderful for inner transformation and rebirth, helping us to unstick if we find ourselves stuck. Marsh Marigold is connected to boundaries and letting go of emotional attachments. Its helpful is allowing us to see what is yours and what belongs to someone else. This piece speaks to reconnecting with the land and the wisdom it shares with us.

Price includes shipping. Apologies the piece is currently being exhibited and soon will return to me. More detailed photographs will follow.


This piece was made whilst I was living out the old Head of Kinsale. I would spend many days staring out at the land and the sea, watching clouds comes and go, winds rise and fall, tides come in and out. I would walk the shoreline daily, listening to the unspoken words that the elements would speak to me.

I began creating hand made circular weaves, inspired by what I heard from the land and sea. these unspoken truths were a kind of wisdom, an ancient knowing that has always been there. In our struggles towards solutions and fixings, I wondered how often we simply sat and humbly listened to what the land has to say?

So I gathered natural found objects on the shore, intrigued by their shapes, patterns and colours (always ensuring they were placed back again after the making). I intuitively began to weave, with patterns emerging from the Irish wool. I would drum, sing, meditate as I wove, setting an intention for healing and peace.

As the piece finished itself, I would allow it to sit in my studio, talking back to me. I would chose essences that I felt aligned with the story of the piece, and dowsed the wools. I would spritz with chosen plant essences and take some drops myself.

I would love to share this connection with you. To allow you to listen, in silence and meditation, to the wisdom from the raw and ancient land.