Living in Alignment Workshop


I’m delighted to be hosting this very special one day workshop in the wild beauty of the Old Head of Kinsale. It is specially designed for those who feel lost or unsure as the navigate times of great change and upheaval.

The intention of the workshop is to introduce you to core skills to help you find your way back to your centre. We will be working with:

The Human Design System. You will receive a free chart that maps your unique potential and guides you towards the energies that are specifically reliable for you. Your birth information will be required.

Creative Meditation Exercises. Rather that spend the whole day ‘learning’, the afternoon will be spent doodling and drawing as a gentle tool, connecting to your body’s innate intelligence. I will incorporate visualisation and embodiment techniques to move forward from a more grounded and centred place within.

You will come away with a framework for moving forward that is based on your natural way and your unique sense of being. It will be a fun, relaxed and inspirational day.

A delicious vegetarian/vegan meal will be provided. No art experience necessary. Bring an open heart and curious mind.


Saturday 20th January

Sliding Scale Fee. I have provided 3 scales of fees, allowing you support other individuals who may not have access to the full funds.




I’m thrilled to offer this day long workshop in the wilds of the Old Head. The intention of the day is to introduce you to the Human Design system, an amazing system based on your birth data. At the end of the day you’ll come away with a whole new strategy on how to navigate life in your own unique way. The day will consist of two parts.

The morning will be about introducing the system of Human Design. You will receive your very own chart, and information will be provided that will allow you to come home to yourself, to belong in your bones and feel centred in your Self. This bit is a little ‘heady’ but will be slow and gentle and filled with mindful practises.

Lunch will be provided with a delicious vegetarian/vegan meal.

The afternoon will be devoted to meditation and creative exercises, that will enable you to ’embody’ the morning’s information and integrate it into your being.