March Meditation Doodling

Meditation Doodling is a lovely way to take time out of your busy day to re-stress and re-focus

Doodling has been associated with improving memory, assists you in processing emotions, helps learning, allows for big picture thinking and enhances self-awareness. That’s a whole heap of benefits! The activity of Doodling also keeps your brain occupied enough to hold your attention but involves repetitive drawing actions to calm down the nervous system.

It also connects you to your creative side. Who knows what magic lies in there 🙂

Join me on your lunch break (or breakfast or dinner!) over Zoom for 40 minutes. Each session involves a calming meditation and a simple drawing instructions. I’ll guide you through the session with simple directions to bring yourself back to the here and now.

So grab a pen and paper, a cup of tea/lunch and your earphones. Perfect for those in offices, libraries or working from home.

12.30 – 1.10 pm GMT

8th, 15th, 22nd and 29th March

Once payment is complete, your Zoom link will be sent with some basic introductory instructions.




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