Meditation Drawing Circle Annual Pass

This pass is for a year long subscription to my Meditation Drawing Circle Drop In. Perfect for those who would like to dive into a longer experiment of tuning into your inner world as a way of connecting to the other world.

Each week, we’ll share time Meditation Drawing as a community.

We reconnect and replenish ourselves in the company of others by slowing down, mindfully drawing and coming back to the body. This is a great weekly tool to destress and build resilience. We also get to sense how particular transits and gates affect our experience.

Each session contains a short meditation or visualisation followed by a simple guided creative exercise. We embody our practice through connecting breath and mark making.

No drawing ability required and no art materials needed. Simply bring a pen/pencil and paper and a cup of tea.

Tuesday 8.00-8.40 pm (Irish ST)

Price: €300


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Meditation drawing is a gentle way for us to to slow down and calm ourselves in the busyness of day to day life. When we draw in community, we share that space, benefitting from each other’s presence and support.

Meditation Drawing is perfect for those with no artistic background yet are curious about how creativity can help us feel more ease and flow in their daily lives. It allows us to tune into the energy within our own bodies or the transits that play out in our lives.

Mindful drawing combines some of the basic principles of meditation – focusing on the breath, noticing the sensations in the body, turning the attention inwards – with simple repetitive mark making and line drawing. Meditation drawing has been associated with improving memory, assisting in processing overwhelm and stress, enhancing self-awareness, and helping with learning.

Meditation drawing also tunes us into that creative being we all have inside. Here, we can open our imagination to all sorts of possibilities, helping us to unstick ourselves from limited thinking. In my own experience, it has been such an effective tool in managing stress and overwhelm on a regular basis and I love sharing this with you.