Not Swept under the Carpet Wild Atlantic Weaves

This weave, entitled ‘Not swept under the Carpet’  speaks to those artists that chose to raise their voices, make a stand and say what others shy away from.

It also reflects those parts of ourselves that we’d rather shut down or shut up, perhaps those parts we would like to control and silence. How do we face our truth? How do we speak our needs or voice what needs to be stated?

I often find that my creativity allows me to enact part of my own curiosities and questions about my life and the choices I make. In doing so, it perhaps give me courage and strength to speak out or speak up.

In this piece I explore these mix of emotions with care and consideration, choosing stitch, rhythm and colour. I chose not to tuck away the endings and waste ends of the threads, leaving them exposed and there to be viewed.

Each of my weaving wall hanging is a uniquely crafted hand built piece made on a circular loom and woven with native and upcycled wool. It is framed with sustainably sourced wood.

I have crafted my own unique process of making that is embedded in the land around me on Ireland’s South Coast. I gather found natural objects along the shoreline of local beaches, bringing them home and placing them on my altar of creation. Over time, the wools and found object infuse together, I make and then dowse the pieces in local plant essences.

This is a once off, intuitively crafted weave that will not be replicated as I work without a pattern or a plan!

For this piece, I intuitively chose Angelica and Mugwort natural plant essences. With Angelica touching on angelic energies and a connection to higher self, and mugwort suggesting relationships built on inter dependence rather than co dependence, I see this piece giving me an extra boost, a little more confidence to go out and be myself in the world. I hope you share this too.

Allow this piece to guide you back to yourself.

Once purchased, please allow for 2-3 weeks for delivery. Price includes shipping.


Material: Variety of Upcycled Wool
Dimensions: 42 cm sq