Coming into it’s Own: original weaving art

This original weaving art piece, entitled ‘Coming into Its Own’ is a hand made one off circular weave, made from wool and felt. This weaving art piece is part of a window exhibition for Kinsale Arts Weekend 2023. The exhibition was entitled ‘Breaking the Surface: The Potential for New Beginnings’. This circular weaving art piece was the third in this series of 4 pieces.

The Story:

As the initial signs of life continued to build, following the piece ‘The Potential for New Beginnings’, the weaving art piece ‘Coming into its Own’ took shape. Held and cherished, it was allowed to take its own form, to grow into the new. Through faith and perseverance to a truth unknown, it attempted new shapes, observing along the way what felt most right. The world was filled with possibilities.

The Background:

We are coastal people, we live by the tides.

We are enveloped by ongoing destruction and creation, the infinite relationship between land and sea. The ocean appears relentless as her waves crash of our shores, yet the earth responds with the formation of new islands or shifting plates. Is it a battle where the greatest wins or an interdependence of a delicately balanced dance? For Kinsale Arts Weekend 2023 I consider the natural environment around us and how it teaches us about our own stories, our own lives.

I contemplated this eternal phenomenon when I moved into making. Each piece was created in an order, a unique reflection on how our lives, our stories are often moved by these similar forces. We are continually created, forming new experiences and relationships. We are also continually destroyed, the breaking of bonds and situations. We attempt to gather or gain some control, yet realise that the forces around us are too great. We learn to surrender, we learn to accept. We are shaped by grief, we are moulded by joy.

Year: 2023

Material: Embroidery Thread

Framed Dimensions: 48cm sq.

This piece comes framed, without glass. Care Instructions provided.