Self-Forgiveness Digital

Self-Forgiveness by Making: Digital Download, Self-care Affirmation Screensaver, Wallpaper for Phone/Tablet

This screensaver/wallpaper entitled ‘Self-Forgiveness by Making’ explores how self-forgiveness can be such a beautiful aspect of loving ourselves. This is the simplicity of practicing self-care.

Can we accept ourselves for all of who we are? This piece explores one of the key aspects of self-care: self-love. Can we accept all of ourselves? All those little annoyances, aggravating bits alongside all those parts of us that we love. Being human inevitably means making mistakes, messing up and saying things we regret. Can we lay it all out, all those aspects we adore and all those aspects we’d rather not have, and simply love ourselves for being us? In this piece, a use traditional Quipu knots (from the Andean people) to represents all those aspects we love a lot and not so much. When brought together, knots and all, this piece almost sings in utter beauty and perfection. We are perfection indeed.

This digital image is an image of a wool stitched canvas made by the artist. Find the original HERE (url insert). This digital version allows you to save it onto your phone/device as a screen saver/wallpaper so you can use it as a visual cue to take a moment and breath.

As these are digital items, you will receive the digital file(s) (high-resolution JPEGs) upon completion of your purchase, easily downloaded on to your devise. There is no physical product with this order.