Weaving into Wellness

Weaving into Wellness

No experience necessary. All materials provided.

“We weave to make meaning, to witness our stories unfold.”

Discover the profound simplicity and power of weaving. Through basic stitches, the warp and the weft, we bring together the many parts of ourselves, telling our stories and finding meaning in our experiences.

For thousands of years, communities have gathered to weave. We continue this tradition, supporting and holding space for one another, allowing designs to emerge organically. As we unravel and reorder wools and threads, we rebuild our lives through colour and softness and we gradually begin to understand the patterns that have shaped our lives.

Join us for a 1-Day Weaving into Wellness Workshop and embark on a creative self-care journey.

Learn the basics of weaving, engage in simple mindfulness techniques, and experience how the repetitive act of weaving can provide such a balm for the soul.

My Weaving Wellness course combines the tactile beauty of weaving with the intuitive power of creation. It offers a gentle approach to self-care, encouraging you to pay attention, feel the softness of the materials, and find inner stillness. In our small group, you’ll find support and encouragement to tap into your creative flow.

By the end of the workshop, you’ll have crafted your own circular weaving wall hanging, a testament where life has brought you and where you stand now.

  • Price: €100
  • Time: 10 – 4pm
  • Date: Thursday, 18th July

Booking essential as places are limited. Reserve your spot and weave your way to wellness.


My weaving into wellness workshop blends together the tactile beauty of the weaving process with the intuition and power of the making. We bring together warp and weft, integrating the various aspects of ourselves and rebuilding our stories and lives. When we come together in community, we witness each other, bringing together our shared (her)stories.

Mindful Weaving is perfect for those with no artistic background yet are curious about how creativity can help us feel more ease and flow in their daily lives. It allows us to tune into the energy within our own bodies or the transits that play out in our lives.

Mindful weaving combines some of the basic principles of meditation – focusing on the breath, noticing the sensations in the body, turning the attention inwards – with simple repetitive moving wool back and forward through the warp of a weaving frame (you’ll learn all about this).  We weave the pieces of ourselves together, finishing our pieces to represent the whole of who we are now.

Weaving also tunes us into that creative being we all have inside. Here, we can open our imagination to all sorts of possibilities, helping us to unstick ourselves from limited thinking. In my own experience, it has been such an effective tool in managing stress and overwhelm on a regular basis and I love sharing this with you.