Under the Milky Way Out the Old Head: Wild Atlantic Weave

This weaving wall hanging is a carefully crafted hand built piece made from wool, made under a group of work entitled ‘Wild Atlantic Weaves’.

As I weave, I set an intention of healing and connection: to ourselves, to the land, the ocean and the skies.

Each piece is intuitively designed, emerging out of my daily rituals of walking the coastline out at the Old Head of Kinsale. the process begins as I pick up natural object, such as rocks and shells, from the shoreline (All natural objects are returned to their own place after the making is complete). An altar was made from found sea rocks, shells and rushes from Garrylucas Beach, near Kinsale.

I sang and meditated as I made the piece, thinking of the Wild Atlantic as I weaved and our eternal relationship. The pattern simply emerged as I made. Once completed, the piece was dowsed in Marsh Marigold and Angelica.

Angelica assists in forming connection to your Higher Self and inspiration and protection from angelic beings.

Marsh Marigold assists is in knowing our own boundaries and getting clear on what is ours and what belongs to others.

I hope you enjoy this piece of connection with the Irish land and sea.

Price includes shipping. Apologies the piece is currently being exhibited and soon will return to me. More detailed photographs will follow.


This piece was inspired by my time living at the Old Head of Kinsale. Each day I would talk the shore, the beaches, the headland, listening to the land and the sea and attempting to make sense of it all.

As I wove, I thought about all of the unanswered questions. Feeling so isolated and removed from life ‘on the mainland’ as they say here. Under the stars on clear nights, there was such a feeling of being connected, to the vast and infinite space that we traverse together.

I felt as though I’d broken down the boundaries within me to reach this place. And so felt drawn to weave over and outside the frame. Breaking old patterns and behaviours, perhaps. And when I chose Marsh Marigold as its plant essence I smiled. This essence is often associated with boundaries, about knowing what is yours and what belongs to the other. And here lies the dilemma in the piece.

When we are so interconnected to land sea and stars, where are our boundaries? And how do we continue to travel through life knowing when to hold firm, staying strong and when to open ourselves up the magic?