Self-care for the season – the ease of mindful drawing in Spring

Mindful Drawing

Self-care and the seasons – mindful drawing in Spring

For my February Mindful drawing sessions on Instagram, I created a series of self-care art exercises that helps us connect with that feeling of Spring. 

Spring is all about new beginnings and beginning to open up to new possibilities. So I looked at how we could slow down, pay attention and tune into what might be stirring within.

Mindful drawing can be such a lovely introduction to a more mindful way of being. Sometimes, when my mind is on overdrive, I find traditional meditation and mindfulness techniques a little tough. This is when I need something different and this is where my meditation doodling comes in. 

Mindful drawing brings together two of my favourite ways of becoming more present. It mixes some of the basic elements of meditation, such as focusing on the breath and sensations in the body, and blending these with simple drawing exercises. 

Here are some of the fruits of this Spring’s free drawing sessions on Instagram Live, which take place over lunchtimes. Simply click on each to access the video and play in your own time.

Repeating Circles

Mindful drawing

Following Lines with your breath

Mindful Drawing

Flowing like a River

Mindful Drawing river

Drawing Bridges

Mindful Drawing