I never felt as though I was missing out on meat or fish. I became vegetarian at eight and had always enjoyed experimenting with new flavours and cuisines.
Until life got hectic! Then all thoughts of vegetarian nutrition fell by the wayside. I put the time and energy I had into meals for the family, while my own nutrition was relegated to the bottom of my list of priorities. Barely an afterthought. I would simply make do with the family meal, minus the meat or fish.
That’s fine for a short burst, but as the busy days turned into months, I felt my health and general wellbeing suffer. Enough was enough. I turned to Lucy for help in structuring my meals. As it turned out, Lucy did that and a lot more besides!
Over the following few appointments, Lucy taught me how to approach vegetarian nutrition in a wholesome way. She opened my eyes to new food combinations, which transformed my tired old reliables into exciting new meals. With the clever tricks and tips that Lucy gave me, I can now quickly adapt our family meals into wholesome vegetarian meals in a flash.
I would recommend Lucy to anyone who feels that they have lost their way when it comes to their nutrition.

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