Drawing Limitation: Gate 60 in Human Design

Gate 60 My Human Design

Exploring Gate 60 in Human Design

Dive deep into the essence of Gate 60 in Human Design and explore its limitations through creative meditation. Understanding Gate 60 and its energy within your Human Design chart can transform how you navigate life’s challenges. Engaging in creative meditations helps you connect with the energies flowing through you daily. By immersing yourself in your unique Human Design, you can shift from an intellectual understanding of your gates, channels, and bodygraph to experiencing their tangible sensations in your body and everyday life.

I have the Gate 60 undefined in my chart and so drawing this gate really helped me to tune into the energies of the Sun in this transit.. Intrigued by this approach? Book a personalised session with me to draw your Human Design chart and gain insights into navigating life with ease. Learn more HERE.

Journeying Gate 60 ‘Limitation’ through My Human Design

How does this idea of limitation or boundaries resonate within your body? Can you feel it in specific interactions, activities, or places? Remember, Human Design is an experiment—an opportunity to explore your unique story amidst a sea of information about your centers, gates, and channels.

II’ve crafted meditation drawings to help you relax, calm your nervous system, and tap into these sensitive energies independently. Through these videos, I’ll guide you through daily meditation practices followed by drawing exercises, liberating you from overthinking about your gates. Using mark-making, gestures, and focused breathing, I’ll offer a fresh perspective on your design.

Create your interpretation of your Human Design Chart by embodying the essence of Gate 60 and sensing the expansion within. What unfolds on your canvas? Memories, emotions, inspirations—let your creativity flow freely. Gate 60 resides in the root center, so I often ask myself, ‘What pressure am I feeling?’

These meditations and creative exercises empower you to observe your body’s energies and transits in diverse ways, fostering a deeper connection with yourself. Life displays these energies before us, and with our Strategy and Authority, we choose whether to act upon them.

Creative Meditation on Gate 1 Human Design

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Embark on a journey of meditation drawing through my workshops, where we explore weekly energy shifts and their reflections in our lives. These sessions offer regular opportunities to slow down, savor sensations, and dive into feelings. Join my online Creative Meditation sessions anytime to reconnect with your body and chart from a fresh perspective.

Exploring the system through drawing, my Human Design Chart has transformed my relationship with my bodygraph, fostering greater self-awareness and self-compassion. The Human Design chart comprises 64 gates, based on the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching, dispersed across energy centers rooted in the Hindu chakra system and Kabbalah. These gates, rooted in the I Ching’s ‘Book of Changes,’ illuminate ancient narratives guiding us through life’s transformations.

Find out more about my one-to-one Creative Human Design sessions HERE.

Check out all of my Creative Meditations on YouTube, where I also share images created in my one-to-one sessions to give you a feel for what a creative Human Design chart session looks like.

For a thorough investigation into the specific aspects of Gate 60, I recommend Chetan Parkyn’s excellent summary HERE