Trust Yourself
trust yourself

Learning to trust your decision making abilities.

It’s a 5 letter word. And in many ways, it’s just any other word. And like any other word, it can be simply spoken, with little or no meaning or it can be spoken with heart felt truth, touching the core of who you are.

In the work I do with clients, its a fundamental part of our discussions, yet rarely does the word itself come up.

Often people simply refer to the fact that they feel confused, or disconnected in some way, or a little lost. And sometimes this is all they are, yet other times, when we dig a little deeper, there is something else going on.

So when I get question after question from someone, about what is right for them, and what is wrong, what is ok for them and what is not, I naturally start to challenge them a little. Is it possible, for example, that you already know what suits you and what does not, or that your body responds to different foods or situations in different ways. Or could it be that your body and health is changing as you get older, and you need to catch up with where you are now.

We live in a world of information overload. And as a result, there are often plenty of answers out there. There are many peoples opinions, whether based on science or thousands of years of traditions. And it is not that any of these opinions are wrong or right, but life surely is about finding which of these answers is right for you.

So the journey for us all, in our own small and large ways, is finding the answers in life that are right for where we are. And part of this process is trusting. Trusting that you will find your way home, trusting that you have the resources to figure this out, and trusting that your body has been around for as long as you have and knows a lot.

So touch base with yourself this week. Do you have an idea of where you are at? And do you trust yourself to know that you will always do the best you can for yourself?  Yes, you may have let yourself down in the past, but that doesn’t mean that it needs to happen again.

My programme allows us to rebuild your daily practice of self-care together.


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