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Thorough Pre Consultation form including current attitudes and 3 day food diary

Lucy Hyland Wellbeing Coach


Falling off isn’t important – getting back up is.

Lucy Hyland Wellbeing Coach


Take a step forward with new eating, thinking and moving habits

Lucy Hyland Wellbeing Coach

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“I signed up for Lucy’s course because I needed someone to help me work through and review my attitude to food and its impact on my emotional wellbeing. Lucy was fantastic at helping me to understand why I was an emotional eater and how to move away from my old eating patterns and embrace a new healthier attitude to food. Her knowledge , enthusiasm , patience and holistic approach to the programme was wonderful. I would recommend to anyone that it is well worth the journey with Lucy guiding you to a better healthier you.” Saran, Cork

One Off Session – €90

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Its quite a task – mastering self care. Its something I’m always learning, sometimes the hard way, other times it all just seems to come together.

All I know is that minute I think I’m there, the goal posts keep changing. Its made me realise that we have been told it takes discipline and a rigid regime to change.  But actually, the simple traits of adaptability, experimentation and loving yourself when you mess up are also key aspects of change. Life is never going to stop changing, so lets learn together how to change with it and look after ourselves the best we can along the way.

No, I’m not going to tell you what to do, what to eat or what to think. But, I am going to be with you every step of the way as you carve out your own way to love, laugh and hold.

This one off session will get you to refocus on what is important and move you forward in the right direction for you.If the time is right, this session will be perfect for you.

” A great big thank you to Lucy for helping me get back on track. Since being diagnosed with Diverticular disease my confidence in my diet was completely thrown off balance. Throw menopause into the mixture and the result was not good. Lucy helped me find a way through. She focuses on what my resources were and how to find my voice on what I needed. Lucy was always there ready to answer my questions and do research into food and supplements. I now have an eating plan that works well with my job as a therapist. My energy levels are much higher than before and my exercise regime has now been restored. Having someone in my corner for 3 months was really important for my recovery. Thank you again Lucy😀” Daire. Co. Cork


Fill in the form below, pay and ‘Submit Form’ to get started

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If you still have questions, and most of us do, I would be delighted to have a chat over Skype. Contact me to find out more.